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23rd July 2022

Presenting the sound installation "Oasis" in Mitre Square with the sculpture "Habitat".

"Oasis" was produced in partnership with Francisco Furtado.  

“Oasis” is a sound installation of 2 speakers, that play to the public a series of sounds that relate to the concepts of Human and Nature, also present in the sculpture "Habitat". In some moments the sounds from the two speakers will match in terms of meaning, and sometimes will clash, offering the public two ways of interacting with what they are hearing. My aim is that these sounds fill the square creating a space of ab- straction from the city life, inviting the public to react naturally. The sounds to be played will vary from a heartbeat, a river flowing, breathing, an earthquake or thunderstorms, amongst others. I want to explore the balanced and unbalanced relations between Human Beings and Nature. Sound is a sensorial tool that creates reactions in people. The first impact is always related to feelings and intuition.

With “Oasis” I want to use the power of recorded real sounds – to question the relation between us, humans and the planet.

Hear the audio of "Oasis" below

For one night only, Nocturnal Creatures festival transforms Whitechapel Gallery and unusual, historic and outdoor locations nearby, in partnership with Sculpture in the City. 

Sculpture in the City hosted events and activations by Jun T. Lai, Bram Ellens, Pedro Pires, Emma Louise Moore, Elisa Artesero, Emma Smith and Jocelyn McGregor.

Sculpture in the City was once again an associate programme partner for Whitechapel Gallery’s free annual contemporary arts festival, Nocturnal Creatures. Each summer for one night only, a host of extraordinary east-end spaces are transformed by an exciting programme of dance and live art performances, workshops, participatory activities and sound installations.

In partnership with Whitechapel Gallery since the festival’s first iteration in 2018, Sculpture in the City activates artwork locations in the City Cluster through a series of interactive workshops, sound installations, performances, talks and tours. For the 2022 iteration of Nocturnal Creatures, the 11th edition of Sculpture in the City was celebrated through an exciting programme of free events on Saturday 23 July 2022, and featured performances Permanence by Emma Louise Moore, The Garden of Floating Words by Elisa Artesero, We by Emma Smith, The Picnic by Jocelyn McGregor, and audio installations An Orphaned Mixtape by Bram Ellens and Oasis by Pedro Pires.

There were also artwork tours around the 11th edition of Sculpture in the City, and the 11th edition multimedia guide on Bloomberg Connects was activated during the evening, bringing the sculptures to life through a self-guided audio tour with sound clips from the artists.

Hear the audio of "Oasis"

OasisPedro Pires + Francisco Furtado
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