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ARTX LAGOS | Lousimone Guirandou Gallery | Booth 1

Federal Palace in LagosART X Lagos, 4 to 6 November, 2022.

ArtX Lagos was launched as a dynamic platform to showcase and support the breadth of contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora. Founded in 2016 by Tokini Peterside-Schwebig, the fair has since become a cornerstone of the African art sector. The first of its kind in West Africa, ART X Lagos is a unique cultural event that goes beyond the bounds of traditional art fairs and delivers several days of dynamic art experiences and events in a happening now complemented virtually through ARTXLAGOS.COM.
For its seventh edition — and its most ambitious to date — ART X Lagos will bring together over 120 artists from over 40 countries across Africa and the diaspora, presented by 31 leading international galleries, for an expanded programme of live exhibitions, talks and performances and a virtual fair on ARTSY for the benefit of global audiences.

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AKAA Art Fair | This Is Not A White Cube

Le Carreau du Temple 21 - 23 October 2022

AKAA, the main fair dedicated to the artistic scenes of Africa and its diasporas in France, returns for its seventh edition on new dates, from October 21 to 23, 2022 .

Throughout the editions AKAA has remained faithful to its initial vision, an invitation to discover artists who claim a link in their practice to the African continent. A contemporary look at these artistic scenes that goes beyond geographical borders, open to dialogue and wonder without clichés or preconceptions.

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1:54 Art Fair | Lousimone Guirandou Gallery

Somerset House, 13-16 October 2022

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in London, 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair is delighted to return to Somerset House with its flagship edition over the course of four days from 13 – 16 October 2022 (Press & VIP Preview on 13 October). 1-54 London 2022 will host 50 international exhibitors across 21 countries, its largest number of countries to date !

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(IM)Materiality | Agueda Arts Center, Portugal.

Oct 2022 - Jan 2023

Following the success achieved during the presentation in Lisbon, and at the invitation of Águeda's Municipality, the exhibition (IM)MATERIALITY will itinerate to Águeda Arts Center in October.

“(IM)MATERIALITY” promotes a reflection on the concepts of materiality and immateriality, highlighting works by artists from a wide variety of cultural and geographical origins, whose practices cross spatial and technical boundaries.

It focuses on the fascination produced by the transitory effects of matter and technique, stemming from the artistic community's current interest in exploring new materialisms, new media, and increasingly hybrid artistic genres, as well as its growing dedication to the recovery and consecration of ancestral practices of artistic creation.

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Wrong Wrong Magazine

Visual Essay for the 21st number of the Wrong Wrong Magazine, October 2022. 

The project, "Consequence" is displayed alongside a text by Lourenço Egreja.


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Sculpture In The City, London, Uk

June 2022 - June 2023

Sculpture in the City is an annual sculpture park that uses the urban realm as a rotating gallery space. Explore the 20 artworks in the 11th Edition, on display in the City of London’s financial district from 22 June 2022 until spring 2023. "Habitat" was selected for the 11th edition and is now on display in Mitre Square, in the City of London. 

More info HERE

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Nocturnal Creatures, Whitechapel Gallery, London, Uk.

23rd July 2022 | 6pm - 11pm

Sculpture in the City was once again an associate programme partner for Whitechapel Gallery’s free annual contemporary arts festival, Nocturnal Creatures. Each summer for one night only, a host of extraordinary east-end spaces are transformed by an exciting programme of dance and live art performances, workshops, participatory activities and sound installations.

In partnership with Whitechapel Gallery since the festival’s first iteration in 2018, Sculpture in the City activates artwork locations in the City Cluster through a series of interactive workshops, sound installations, performances, talks and tours. "Oasis" is a sound installation made specifically for the Nocturnal Creatures event, with 2 speakers playing sounds that relate with the concepts of Nature and Human. The sound installation will also make the public circulate the square exploring the different views of the sculpture.

Listen to "Oasis" HERE

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Residency at Blachere Fondation

June 2022 | France

WAAU | Interview for World African Artists United

Interview with the artist Pedro Pires

WAAU’s mission is to distinguish, support, and promote the internationalization and recognition of African and Afro-descendant artists to contribute to greater attention to what concerns the African cultural references and their relevance in artistic creation and innovation.

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Dakar Bienalle Off program, Dakar, Senegal

April 2022 | Group show "Remous", Lousimone Guirandou Gallery, Gorée, Dakar, Senegal. 

Part of the Dakar Biennale off program.

As part of Dakar Biennale 2022’s OFF selection, LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery is pleased to present the works of two artists : Pedro Pires and Ange-Arthur Koua. Their artworks are intertwined in the heart of Keur Louise and resonate with the island of Gorée, a place laden with history.

Both Pedro Pires and Ange-Arthur Koua focus on the question of identity and migration in their artistic approach. Population displacements, whether they are voluntary or imposed, lead to identity mutations that are transmitted from one generation to the next. The sea journey is considered a symbol of adventure but also of dangers and difficulties implied by the travel towards the unknown. It transforms individuals into anonymous flows, to which Pedro Pires' sculptures and Ange-Arthur Koua's hangings try to pay tribute. 

Pedro Pires expresses himself through sculpture, drawing, photography, video and installations. Born in Luanda in 1978, the artist lives and works in two locations, Luanda (Angola) and Lisbon (Portugal). For more than ten years he has been exploring the feeling of dislocated national identity, migration and human rights. He is particularly interested in identity and stereotypes issues in close connection with education, history and institutions. This interest comes from his dual African and European cultural background. His sculptures and installations have a strong relationship with human bodies and anthropomorphic volumes. The artist plays with the concepts of destruction and reconstruction and does not hesitate to recycle objects belonging to daily life in the cities where he exhibits to highlight the way in which identity is shaped, negotiated and reconstructed.

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Solo show "The Green Line", curated by Lourenço Egreja at This Is Not A White Cube, Lisbon, Portugal.

May - Jul 2022

I have known Pedro Pires work since 2006 and for some time something has interested me: the artist's ability to create a simulacrum that points towards an archaeological reality or to imagery of distant times. This is one of several characteristics of his production, which I intend to analyse in the context of the solo exhibition held at Galeria This is Not a White Cube in Lisbon.


Archaeology, the study of ancient civilizations through material means, has its origins in the human curiosity, sometimes obsessive, of some individuals for the research of lost cultures. For example Giovanni Battista Belzoni (1778-1823) was an explorer who worked in circuses in the United Kingdom, in the entertainment industry and who, given his engineering background, was eventually hired to transport the famous bust of Ramses II weighing more than two tons in a couple of days.

More info HERE

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Museum of African Art | Group Show | Belgrade, Serbia.

"Reflect #2 - Fragments, fragilities, memories", 13 April - 31 August 2022

Group show "Reflect #2 - Fragments, fragilities, memories" at the Museum of African Art, curated by Ana Knežević, Emilia Epštajn, Graça Rodrigues, and Sónia Ribeiro, Belgrade, Serbia. 

The exhibition "Reflect#2 - FRAGMENTS, FRAGILITIES, MEMORIES," held at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade (Serbia) in collaboration with THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE Art Gallery, contains carefully selected works by Angolan artists, representative of what is, in a broad spectrum, the artistic production and intellectual reflection of an iconic generation born after Angola's independence in 1975, following the affirmation of independence movements, the Portuguese Colonial War and the deposition of the dictatorial Estado Novo regime in Portugal. 

Curated by Ana Knežević, Emilia Epštajn, Graça Rodrigues, and Sónia Ribeiro, the exhibition brings together a comprehensive panorama of this multifaceted production, incorporating works by ALIDA RODRIGUES, ANA SILVA, CRISTIANO MANGOVO, FRANCISCO VIDAL, JANUÁRIO JANO, LUÍS DAMIÃO, NELO TEIXEIRA, OSVALDO FERREIRA, PEDRO PIRES, and ERY CLAVER. The exhibited works reveal a strong affinity to the stratified aesthetics and materiality of the "archive," whose near non-existence - due to neglect or endemic depletion - has proven critical in Angola.

 More info HERE

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Solo show Prior Art Space, Berlin, Germany. 

"The Practice of Everyday Life", Mar/Apr 2022. 

This show was the result of a residency organised by the Cuperior Collection in Berlin. The residency took place at the BAI - Berlin Art Institute during the months of February and March 2022. 

More info HERE

Africana Art Foundation | Atelier Series

Jan 2022

Studio visit by Africana Art Foundation to Pedro Pires's Studio with an interview about the drawing process. Video produced by Full House Partners.

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