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1 OCTOBER 2022 - 15 JANUARY 2023

Curatorial team: Graça Rodrigues, Sónia Ribeiro, Katherine Sirois, Lourenço Egreja and Diogo Bento. 

Following the success achieved during the presentation in Lisbon, and at the invitation of Águeda's Municipality, the exhibition (IM)MATERIALITY will itinerate to Águeda Arts Center in October.

“(IM)MATERIALITY” promotes a reflection on the concepts of materiality and immateriality, highlighting works by artists from a wide variety of cultural and geographical origins, whose practices cross spatial and technical boundaries.

It focuses on the fascination produced by the transitory effects of matter and technique, stemming from the artistic community's current interest in exploring new materialisms, new media, and increasingly hybrid artistic genres, as well as its growing dedication to the recovery and consecration of ancestral practices of artistic creation.

Throughout the exhibition, the notion of gender ambiguity prevails. Through it, we can better understand how the authors evaluate matter and non-matter, tangibility and intangibility as a means of communication, either by expanding traditional media and narratives or by using everyday objects as a resource to build new forms.

"(IM)MATERIALITY" challenges the status quo and the significance of materiality and immateriality, which are, in this exhibition, constantly questioned and continuously redefined. It presents the work of art as a social object whose material form, far from being secondary, is instead essential to the generation of meaning.

The exhibition has the artistic direction and production of THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE - the first African gallery in Portugal that, while maintaining a deep connection with Africa, does not focus exclusively on Lusophone circles, but mainly on the emerging aesthetics of cultural artistic productions from the Global South.
Through this exhibition, produced in collaboration with "Cooperativa Árvore" and Águeda Arts Center, THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE presents a project that aims to generate a dialogue between countries with colonial and historical affinities, reflecting on the concept of decoloniality and seeking to promote a reflection on how contemporary African art has been asserting itself on a global scale. 

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