Pedro Pires (b. 1978, Angola) creates sculptures and paper works that incorporate a wide range of mediums, from everyday objects – like plastic containers and rafia brooms – to industrial metal grinders. Pires’s practice works to draw out the utilitarian histories of mass-production and exploitation embedded in these items, as well as to explore questions about stereotypes and identity.

Represented by Gallery Momo (South Africa) and TINAWC - This Is Not A White Cube (Angola). 

Master in Fine Arts 09/10, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK. 

Graduated in 2005 with a BA in Sculpture by the Fine art Faculty of Lisbon, Portugal. 

In 2004 obtained the Fine Art Erasmus Scholarship for the University of Athens. 


Exhibitions | Residencies | Projects



- "Fucking Globo", group show at Hotel Globo, Luanda, Angola. 

- "Habitat" Solo Show at Gallery MOMO, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

- Cape Town Art Fair, with Gallery Momo, Cape Town.


- "Summer Show" Group show at Gallery MOMO, Cape Town.

- "Intersections - Within the Global South", Group show curated by Sónia Ribeiro and Graça Rodrigues, at Banco Económico in partnership with THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE and Gallery MOMO, Luanda, Angola. 

- "Gardens" Solo show with TINAWC, curated by Graça Rodrigues and Sónia Ribeiro at AKAA Art Fair, Paris, France

- "Lagos Biennial | How to build a lagoon with just a bottle of wine?", Lagos, Nigeria. 

- Joburg Art Fair with Gallery Momo, Johannesburg. 

- "pH7 Interfaces / Corpo e Arquitectura" Solo show curated by Sónia Ribeiro and produced by TINAWC, at the National History Museum of Angola, Luanda. 

- Public sculpture for Festival Política - Lisbon, Braga and Évora - Portugal. 

- Artist residency at TINAWC, Luanda, Angola. 

- Artball auction group show, A/D/O, New york. 

- Arco Lisbon art fair, with Gallery MOMO, Lisbon. 

- "Spaces in Between" Group show curated by André Cunha and Sónia Ribeiro, TINAWC (This is not a white cube), Lisbon. 

- "Not A Museum" Group show curated Manuel Dias dos Santos, at Palais Castilho, Lisbon. 

- "Six of one and half a dozen of the other" Solo show at Gallery MOMO, Cape Town. 

- Cape Town Art Fair, with Gallery Momo, Cape Town


- Artissima Art Fair, Turin, with TINAWC

- Group Show "Spring Group Show", Gallery Momo, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

- ExpoChicago Art Fair, with Gallery Momo, Chicago, USA. 

- Joburg Art Fair with Gallery Momo, Johannesburg. 

- Public sculpture for Poldra Sculpture Public Project, Viseu, Portugal.

- Group Show "From Africa to the Americas - Picasso Face-To-Face, From Yesterday to Today" Montreal Fine Arts Museum, Canada. 

- Cape Town Art Fair, with Gallery Momo, Cape Town

- Public sculpture for Lorne Sculpture Biennale, Lorne, Australia


- Group show " A continent beyond", Gallery Momo Cape Town, South Africa.

- 1:54 Art Fair, with Gallery Momo, London, UK. 

- AKAA Art Fair, with ELA - Espaço Luanda Arte, Paris, France.

- Group show "Blind date" (Carpe Diem Editions), Seul, South Korea.

- Solo show "3041,19km | Lisboa - Lesbos", curated by Inês Valle, Edge Arts, Espaço Amoreiras, Lisbon, Portugal.

- Group show "Luuanda", curated by Paula Nascimento and Suzana Sousa, Hangar, Lisbon, Portugal. 

- Artist residency at Delfina Foundation, London, UK (June - August).

- Group show "Another Antipodes - Urban Axis" Group Show, PS Art Space, Perth, Australia.

- Group Show "Fazer Sentido", Casa da Cerca, Almada, Portugal.

- Group Show "Mu Seke", ELA - Espaço Luanda Arte, Luanda, Angola. 

- Cape Town Art Fair, with Gallery Momo. 

- Solo show "Doppelganger" at Gallery Momo, Cape Town, South Africa. 


- Solo show "Doppelganger", Gallery Momo, Johannesburg, South Africa.

- Solo exhibition "Lisboa - Lesbos" at Window Gallery, Viseu, Portugal.

- Artist residency at Gallery Momo, Johannesburg, South Africa.

- Group show "Objectos experimentais", Quinta da Cruz, Viseu, Portugal. 

- Joburg art fair, with ELA - Espaço Luanda Arte, Johannesburg, South Africa. 


- Finalist of the Laguna Art Prize, exhibiting the work "It´s ok to do that" in Venice, Italy.

- Artist residency in Viseu (Portugal) which results in the show "Objectos Experimentais" in Jardim das Mães.

- Artist residency Jaango, Luanda, Angola.

- Group show of the 4th edition of JAANGO in Luanda, Angola.

- Solo exhibition "Destruição | Construção" at Tamar Golan Gallery, Luanda, Angola.

- Exploring the World" of Projecto 0,0º (João Dias + Pedro Pires) at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, Lisbon, Portugal.

- Included in the book "A face da arte angolana contemporânea", edition of Fundação Arte e Cultura, Angola. 


- Solo exhibition "Parede Mestra" at Arte Periférica Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal.

- Group show "Start 13 - The new industrialists", Bermondsey Project, London, Uk. 


- Finalist of ArteMar competition, with the sculpture "Casa de Areia". Group show in Cascais, Portugal. 

- Solo exhibition "The Darkness" at the Belfry Gallery, London, UK. 

- Group show "Concrete Buildings", Crypt Gallery, London, Uk. 


- Public sculpture "Homens que Navegam", Repsol petrol station in Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

- Group show "Re... Show", Out of the dark, High Wycombe, Uk. 

- Project space at the Lisbon Art Fair, "Abrigo, caixa, casa, esconderijo, habitáculo" with Arte Periférica Gallery, Portugal.



- "ArtBelow", London, UK. 

- Lisbon Art Fair, with Arte Periférica Gallery, Portugal. 

- Group show "Interim show", Barge House, London, Uk. 

- Group show "MA Degree show", Central Saint Martins, London, Uk. 



- Lisbon Art Fair, with Arte Periférica Gallery, Portugal. 



- Group show "D'Forma na Fábrica", Fábrica da Pólvora, Lisbon, Portugal. 

- "Habitar", solo show at Centro Cultural Mestre José Rodrigues, Alfandega da Fé, Portugal. 

- Solo exhibition "Gunpowder men", DesignersDot Gallery, Athens, Greece. 

- Public sculpture "Homem Muralha" in Parque das Nações, Lisbon, Portugal.

- "Proxima paragem - Cultura" project in Lisbon, Portugal.

- Solo exhibition "Processos de (Auto) Distanciamento" at Gallery Arte Periférica, Lisbon, Portugal.

- Lisbon Art Fair, with Arte Periférica Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.  

- "Esta casa não se habita", hALL space, Lisbon, Portugal. 


- Solo exhibition "Corpo e Pele", Arte Periférica Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

- Solo exhibition "Desenhos de Pólvora" at the Lagar de Azeite Gallery, Oeiras, Portugal.

- Lisbon Art Fair, with Arte Periférica Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal. 



- Finalist of the 3rd edition of "Anteciparte". Group show in Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon, Portugal. 


Lagos Biennial, 2019, Lagos, Nigeria.

Lorne Sculpture Biennial, 2018, Lorne, Australia. 

Trienal de Luanda, 2010, Luanda, Angola.

XIII Bienal de Cerveira, 2005, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada

Figueiredo Ribeiro Portugal

João de Brito, Angola

Nuno Frota

PLMJ Foundation, Portugal

Mishcon de Reya Collection, UK

Edge Arts, Portugal

Carpe Diem Editions, Portugal

Costa Lopes, Portugal

Coca Cola collection, South Africa

Banco Económico, Angola

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